Alclad II is proud to introduce 6 new finishes to our line-up.

ALC 311Klear Kote Light Sheen 4oz/120ml
ALC 312 Klear Kote Semi-Matte 4oz/120ml
ALC 313 Klear Kote Matte 4oz/120ml
ALC 314 Klear Kote Flat 4oz/120ml

ALC 408 Armoured Glass Tint 1oz/30ml this is a transparent green-blue coating to tint bullett resistant glass on military aircraft-it can also be used to create the sun-vizor band on car windscreens-this is an oil (mineral spirit/white spirit) based coating not a solvent lacquer.

ALC 600 Aqua Gloss Clear 4oz/120ml this is a water based clear which was developed to seal Alclad Chrome and other Hi-Shine finishes-it is airbrush ready and dries in 15 minutes. Aqua Gloss Clear can also be used as a gloss coat over matte paints before decaling,canopies and clear plastic parts can be dipped in it to improve clarity Aqua Gloss Clear may be used on clean grease free plastic as a base coat for ALL Alclad metal finishes. Read Ed Kinney of IPMS/USA review here

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